It’s funny. When you’re bound to a deadline, that report just seems so irritating. Everything else seems so attractive. That new show everybody’s talking about? That cute dog video on Facebook? Stalking people you were never interested in before? Jogging around the park even though you’ve never exercised for the past few months? Shopping even though you detest it? Yeah. Everything’s magical.

In a way, my brain tells me what I should do, even though I already have a mind of my own (the irony) about what to do. And then when the deadline’s over and you’ve submitted your half-assed report, everything goes back to normal. That new show can wait. That dog video is mediocre. Stalking people is boring. Jogging is tiring. Shopping is never the answer. What’s going on?

I always have tons of music cover ideas from the point I start school to the point I end. “I’m gonna do this after xxx!!” I tell myself. But when the holidays come, nothing ever happens. Why?! Is my mind playing tricks on me?

Honestly, I’m writing this post because well, I have a report and I have a deadline for it. I always have this little plans of mine, this mini bucket list, but not really that bucket. It’s a bucket list ONLY when I have a deadline for other things.

But don’t belittle this temporal bucket list. Deadlines make your panic monster come out at the right time, as mentioned by But what about those without deadlines? When you really have the time to think about what you want to do, it’s gonna be different from all those junk you come up with when you’re busy. So record everything down, because you would want to remember what you want to do most – and this shows you what you are really interested in.

Or maybe i’m just talking shit. I don’t want to do that fucking report. I just wanna make music covers, take up online courses to improve myself, plan for exchange.

But I have to. And after i’m done with it, we’ll see if I ever get to the other things that looked so appealing initially.


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