Hey. I’m still not doing that report so here’s another post. Recently, I’ve been crazy over a show – Westworld. It’s so intriguing, although season 1 episode 6 has been one of the dullest episodes I’ve watched. Hopefully, it gets better. But anyway, whats so good about it?

Without spoiling too much, it’s based on the 1973 Westworld (which I’ve watched too). Basically, it is about our world creating a whole new world, and allowing people (in our world) who pay enough to visit that world. Not convinced? In that whole new world, robots (or Androids, since technology has upgraded) are made so human-like you can’t even tell the difference- except for *something which I will not say here*.  The people who pay to visit can do whatever they want to the androids, without fear of retaliation. However, I think that may be changing (because the show can’t go on if its all loving and peaceful).

Its intriguing because it reminds me of consciousness, of the concept of what makes a human, human. It reminds me of virtual reality– what is real, and what is not? It reminds me of what the purpose of each human is. Are our stories fixed- like the hosts, or is it changeable? Is the truth the most important thing in the show?

Mark my words, it’s gonna be the next Game of Thrones. Perhaps not as much sex or violence (even though there’s still aplenty). But definitely as much theories because the theories I’ve read so far is so *BOOMZ* wild (yet makes perfect logical sense at the same time). It sucks that I have to keep on waiting for a very long time before this series end (since they projected it to have at least 5 seasons)… and I’m already waiting for the 7th episode. Getting my friends to watch it makes me feel better- at least we suffer in our theories together. Anyway, I guess it’s time to continue with my report. *sigh*




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