What you tell yourself and others vs. what is actually happening 

so I would like to say a little bit about what I’ve read and watched so far. I was searching for topics for my Honours thesis, and initially because of an emotions class I took this semester, I thought a lot about emotions and happiness- more generally, well-being.

But another thing that always fascinated me was memory. Memory is such a big word- it is so broad, but so narrow at the same time. Short term, long term, episodic, autobiographical, semantic, explicit, implicit, and so on. And so I researched this TED talk by Daniel Kahneman again- about the remembering vs. experiencing self. It talks about how we don’t remember many things, but more importantly, we base our decisions on our memory of things, instead of the actual experience. This always happens to me, so I guess at least for me, it’s true. For the people with HSAM- since they’re able to relive most memories- do they actually have two selves? I wonder. If they are able to remember the actual experience, is it still the remembering self at work? Is it considered a memory, or is it reliving the actual experience? I do think it is more of a memory, but it remains unclear.

I’ve decided that I would love to do a topic about memory, emotions and how it influences our cognitive abilities. 
It’s still too early to say, but i wrote this post just to say a quote from the talk: 

You can know how satisfied somebody is with their life, and that really doesn’t teach you much about how happily they’re living their life. And vice versa.

This intrigues me so much. Just like Westworld.


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