My Makeover Goals + How I Got (or am getting) There

Here’s a summary of my makeover goals- something I had thought of in mid october 2016. Maybe I’ll make a more detailed post on the process of achieving my goals in the future.

  1. Lose weight – to 53kg.
    • I was 55kg at the start so this was quite easy. I always believe in 70% diet, 30% exercise. Choose your food wisely. I recently learnt that quinoa is a healthy alternative to rice, as it is high in protein comparatively. I stopped exercising for a week, but I still lost weight because of my diet. I didn’t wanna starve, and I believe to have a lasting weight loss you need to have a diet you can accept for the rest of your life. Exercise wisely too- I did both cardio and strength training which I feel is essential for weight loss.
  2. Dye my hair red (because it’s expensive to dye it blue. Sigh, one day I guess) + Cut it short- just below the shoulders.
    • I used DIY hair dye from Richenna – Copper Red (S$12.90). 1643730-1I chose this colour because I felt that having a dark brown hair,  I knew my hair would never get that bright as it appeared (because its just not chemically possible- you need a decently bright hair for that). It turned out brownish-orangey-red. So don’t worry about getting a super bright coloured hair (unless you bleached your hair). 
      The outcome! [Richenna Copper Red]
    • Before dyeing my hair, I cut my own hair. I was thinking between a hair length just below my shoulders or a bob haircut. I chose the one slightly below my shoulders. I know people usually go to the salon but lol I was lazy. Thank god it turned out fine- honestly I just can’t bear to pay so much (above $20) for a normal hair cut. TIP: Cut your hair before dyeing your hair! 
  3. Get the basics (e.g. white shirt, black dress, denim jeans)
    • I got this through a combination of going to H&M, Uniqlo + Online shopping (from
  4. Learn makeup. (Eyebrows, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, blusher, mascara)
    • I borrowed everything from my sister to try, thank god. It is actually very easy to master!! Also had some help from YouTube.


HAHA actually this whole post sounds damn lame and I will cringe when I look back but im just gonna write it here instead of my private blog cause why not 🙂

The reason why I did this? Maybe i’ll say it in another post 🙂







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