Which Level Are You on the Map of Consciousness?

So I recently read this article: https://personalexcellence.co/blog/map-of-consciousness/

It talks about how consciousness consists of 17 levels. It sounded like the 18 levels of hell that I knew about (due to my Buddhism roots and those Chinese fantasy shows) and of course sparked my interest. Moreover, watching Westworld made me thought about the concept of consciousness recently. So yeap, I wanted to see where I stood in this map of consciousness. 

For those lazy to read the whole article- the 17 levels are:

  1. Shame
  2. Guilt
  3. Apathy
  4. Grief
  5. Fear
  6. Desire 
  7. Anger
  8. Pride 
  9. Courage (AKA the turning point)
  10. Neutrality
  11. Willingness
  12. Acceptance
  13. Reason
  14. Love
  15. Joy
  16. Peace (apparently, only 1 out of 10 million will reach it)
  17. Enlightenment 

Having taken a psychology module about emotions recently, the levels sounded like this to me:

  1. Negative emotions
  2. Neutral (or little researched about) emotions
  3.  Positive emotions 

This made me quite intrigued; especially at the neutral and later stages of consciousness. 

But anyway, how do you know what level are you on? Lets start by using myself as an example.

There are a few obstacles I encountered when I tried to see where I stood at.

  1. The level I am at isn’t permanent. I can be at a higher level (Acceptance)  but regress to a lower one (Neutrality).
  2. I related to multiple levels at once. I felt fear AND courage at the same time. Do I calculate my level by adding 5+7 and then dividing it by half? (Which means I’m a level 6?) 
  3. I also had some difficulty understanding why courage was at a lower level than neutrality (since aiming for higher consciousness was good for personal growth).

However, after reading the full article and reflecting about it I came to this conclusion. 

  1. Your level of consciousness is indeed temporary. You can shift from one level to another quite easily- it is hard to remain in the same, constant level of state for even just a day. I can feel hunger in the morning and thus desire for some food, or fear rejection when I am about to confess to someone later in the afternoon. 
  2. Thus, your level of consciousness is only an estimate (and not an exact) of your averaged thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

Thus, I had to try and figure out my most common way of looking at things, how I feel about it, and how I reacted to it. (They should totally have a test for this. Do they? I have no idea. I’m writing this on my iPhone so I’m kind of lazy to Google.) 

But based on their description of each level and my understanding of it- I think I’m at level 9: Courage. I honestly don’t know if I’m accurate, but I chose this because I relate most to this state. Perhaps my three rules to live by will change as my consciousness changes (maybe I should create three rules for each level of consciousness). 

So… What level are you at? I can’t tell you what is your level of consciousness because I can’t tell you what you usually think of, how you usually feel, and what you usually do (especially when something happens- what are your reactions?). You’ve got to figure that out by yourself. (Unless there’s a test.)
In conclusion, I believe that people should strive towards a higher level of consciousness throughout their life- but of course, the levels are just a guide. This shouldn’t be treated like a competition- do it at your own pace. Everyone is different. In fact, the original article stated that people in less developed countries (suffering from poverty) are stucked at levels of apathy. The rich are not spared either- although a higher level, they are often fed anger, fear, desire. The key is to keep striving, and slothly but surely, one day, we will all party with an enlightened consciousness. 😉


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