Exploring CAFE FOOOOD! (Wild Honey Review)

So I went to this cafe in Scotts Square: Wild Honey. My friend made a reservation in case it got crowded- we went around 3pm and it was almost full. The ambience was quite nice, with artistic paintings and a casual vibe. But I’m not the type that knows how to appreciate the beauty of such art fully and was more interested in the food so I dived right into their menu. 

The cafe was known for their All Day Breakfasts (according to my friend la). I ordered a European set, while my friend settled for the Norwegian one. It was about $23-27 for each set. Wah damn expensive for me can, I don’t know how people can always go cafe hopping every other day. I think I can only afford to do this like once every 6 months.

All ready to eat liao, this better be worth it (European set + Strawberry milkshake)

I ordered a strawberry milkshake too- it tasted… quite standard? As for the European set, I thought it was nice too but I didn’t really know how to eat it in a nice way (the ingredients like dropped from the bread and the whole thing became very messy and chapalang. I’m just not a very civilised eater la). Also I felt quite full after eating like one out of the two pieces and had to rest for 10min LOL before I continued. Maybe you can share a meal with your friend and order something smaller (snacks?). But then again, I’m a light eater. 

Norwegian set

So yup, I probably wouldn’t come here again because though the meal is good (all their ingredients r rly nice) and ambience great, there is no unique factor about this cafe that makes me want to come back. In addition, it’s quite pricey to me (being the cheapo me, any meal above $10 is ex). But it is still good ok so yup do give it a try! Maybe their target audience is not students la but like working adults looking for a chill place in town. 
ps: Not affiliated with Wild Honey or any of its associations so like please don’t kill me for writing down my own personal thoughts. 


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