Where I Got My $32.90 Spectacles (foptics review)

So today I’m going to be reviewing about my $32.90 spectacles. I wanted a new pair of glasses, because

1) the one I was wearing was at least 5 years old, and I heard that it may not have been very healthy for my eyes (How Often Do I Need New Glasses)
2) I wanted a new look. I recently cut my hair to shoulder length, dyed my hair reddish-brown, and wanted new glasses to complete it
3) I was going for exchange, so I wanted a spare pair of glasses just in case.

I usually got my glasses from a shop along Tampines Street 43, but ever since I moved to Simei it was quite inconvenient to go there. (Actually it is still very near lah, can actually take a straight bus there but LOL i am a sloth)

So I asked around for any recommendations- and the price range I got was anything from $50 to $300, and like obviously, as a cheapo student, I narrowed it to those below $100. I googled as well, and names like “owndays”, “four eyes”, “mimeo”, “uncle tony” popped up. They were quite decent, but still expensive to me. Then, my sister recommended this shop- foptics. They have a carousell account as well, and I was like super seduced by its attractive low prices. They afford both prescription and non-prescription (no degrees) glasses [starting from $12.90]. I browsed through it and saw something I kinda liked. It was the Clubmaster in Matt Knight. With prescription, it was only at $32.90!!! (My aunty eyes was like so happy LOL).

But I was really skeptical. Firstly, I couldn’t try out the spectacles in person so this is a huge risk for me. What if I look ugly in it? Secondly, what if the quality is cui? Like use after one week then break or something. Thirdly, what if I kena scammed (the person zao and run away with my money). BUT… not wanting to give up on such a good offer, I tried to find a solution for my problem. I googled stuff like “virtual tryon glasses” etc. I found a really good website. They provided sample faces to try on glasses, but of course I needed to use my own face. And its really easy because you just upload your photo or take a photo directly from your computer’s webcam. Actually maybe I should also have checked out this website since it looked like it had a good returns policy if you’re not satisfied with the glasses HAHA. The price is also quite affordable (their cheapest glasses at the time was $38). But anyway, I used this to gauge if the spectacles I wanted at foptics was suitable for me or not. I realise knowing your face shape kind of helps you in narrowing and deciding what type of spectacles are suitable for you, but then again I think you should just try it on (virtually or not) to see for yourself.

Anyway, after I ordered it online and paid via my debit card, the person contacted me through Whatsapp to get my prescription (you need to take a picture of your contact lenses prescription box and also measure the diameter between the center of your pupils- usually around 60mm). I don’t know if its luck or what, but the person said he would deliver to my doorstep since he also lived in Simei (instead of the normal mailing package), so yay!! I asked him how long it would take to arrive, and he said around 1.5 weeks. Oh ya, replies are typically efficient and fast as well. So yup, in less than 10 days, it really arrived here!! Oh, also, while waiting for it to arrive, I realised that my contact lens prescription didn’t account for my astigmatism so I was a little afraid.

Ok, here’s the important part of this post: *DRUM ROLLS…!*


specs collage.jpg
Disclaimer: I am just providing a basic reference. As you can see, the photo quality is different for each photo. 

TOP LEFT: My old spectacles.
TOP RIGHT: The foptics spectacles

BOTTOM LEFT: My virtual tryon (using a similar design to the foptics one),
BOTTOM RIGHT: The actual look.

So yup. In conclusion: it met my expectations, though there is always a risk. But I say, $32.90 is a risk I’m willing to take! Another thing I liked about foptics is that they believe that just like clothes, you can have multiple glasses too to match your entire outfit. I will definitely buy from them again in the future. Even though my old spectacles had astigmatism adjusted for it, I got used to foptic’s glasses after a few hours of wearing it (but maybe its because my astig isn’t very high so can’t really tell the difference?). The only caveat is that, if you can’t wait 1-2 weeks, then just go to those typical eyewear shops.  My only hope is that they will stay competitive and not jack up the prices of these glasses in the future, because it is their main selling point after all 🙂 I would recommend this to people who are looking for cheap, affordable glasses (I am not sure if they will charge extra to adjust for astigmatism)- an especially attractive offer for students.


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