Day 1 & 2 of SEP

So I’m starting on my posts for exchange, starting from when I flew off.

Day 1:
Checked in my baggage. The person at the counter asked if it was my first time to Sweden, and I said no. So she asked how long am I staying in Sweden for, and I replied 6 months. She then asked me for my residence card, which I do not have. I then realised that since my first time was more than 10 years ago (2004) it didn’t really count- I only need my residence permit letter from the Swedish Embassy. Phew. Almost thought I couldn’t get in. Anyway, said my last goodbyes at Changi Airport T1 to my friends and family who came down (touched) but everything was a little rushed so I didn’t really had time to feel much. It was only when I was on the plane- then I realised: Oh shucks. Its happening. Omg.

Anyway, went with 2 other Singaporeans- John and Isa. They are really nice people!! So I took Finnair; one-way ticket to Stockholm. It was about 12 hours flight to Helsinki, then waiting time of ~5hours, then transit flight to Stockholm 1 hour. Slept through the long flight, while managing to watch The Lego Movie onboard (pretty nice).

The Finnair flight screen (A350)
ANYWAY!!! It snowed in Helsinki! But we couldn’t touch it cause we were in the transit area 😦

Flight to Stockholm
When we finally reached Stockholm, and went out to the open air- we were so happy for 15minutes. Till it began to freeze. We begin to wonder where our bus was… BUT FINALLY IT CAME HOHOHO!


Uppsala City Hostel
Our 1 night “hotel” (SGD119 in total exclusive of bed linings- we had to rent them for ~SGD20)


Didn’t really take lots of photos but this was near Uppsala Central station.
Day 2: Woke up and went to the university’s reception. It’s so pretty but oh my god, I dragged my luggage there and its damn tiring. Workout for the week- DONE. Settled admin stuff- getting the SIM card, bus card, etc.

and… finally! reached my room.

My room @ Flögsta~
my corridor is pretty quiet though and i felt quite depressed. dont know if its because its the first day or what? 😦 it feels pretty quiet now too though. Anyway gonna head out to IKEA for some bed sheets later. My previous room mate left quite a few stuff- router, lan cable, pillows, blankets, comforter, cleaning stuff, lots of plastic bags. OH AND I AM STILL FREAKING COLD IN my own room. Why is the heater not working….

Went out to join one of my friends’ buddy groups and went to a nation(forgot what was the name) to get some drinks. The nations’ places are really small!!! Like some secret hideout or something. But, perhaps, pubs aren’t my type of places- haha. Falcon is a popular choice of beer apparently (maybe cuz its cheaper, 28SEK=SGD5 for a cup of beer)  

I haven’t unpacked my stuff yet- but I hope I’ll feel better soon!! 🙂  Once I settle down. I was feeling depressed the moment I entered my Flogsta room- no idea why. Alright gonna try out the cheap action camera now hahaha.

PS: I lost my scarf on day 1, and my gloves on day 2. Good job.



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