My thoughts about Trump

So erm it has been 3 weeks since I went for exchange, and it has been such an experience so far. Although, I admit that the winter depression is real. Haha. But I’ve learnt a lot as well, and made quite a few friends. Anyway, my post today isn’t about exchange but about Trump. Donald Trump.

I don’t read much, and I don’t think I am confident at all about what I am going to say. But i’m going to say it because I want to note down how right or wrong I will be, when I look back in the future.

Firstly, I hear the media portray Trump as a racist, sexist, bigot. And some of his words really hurt. Which is why I do not like him. I feel that, because he has a big influence as the POTUS, his words WILL be harmful. I read Xiaxue’s blog post about it too and I wonder- maybe, and also hopefully- we are all fools and he really has a big plan- uniting America against him. Making himself the enemy so that the world will spread love in order to fight against him. If this is truly the case… how often has this plan worked? And how long till it works? I would hope, sooner rather than later.

Also, I guess I feel a little more relatable to this whole Trump thing because so far in my exchange, I witnessed a protest in Stockholm, then a march in London just a few days ago. After taking a video of the protest, I had this Irish guy (he claimed) telling me that Trump is a good man, and asking me if I thought Trump was racist, and if so, is it because of the (social) media? He started talking about US-Syria relations, and another guy overheard so he interrupted and corrected him through some “facts” (I don’t know if its true or not, wasn’t paying attention and I am not well-informed). They started arguing, but the second guy had to rush for his train so he left abruptly, while I casually slipped away, not wanting to get involved in this. Thinking back, I should have perhaps tried to tell him that I thought Trump appeared racist. Maybe he could’ve enlightened me, or maybe I would not have believed him either way. It is quite bewildering at first, to think how Trump supporters can support the very man whose words have hurt and harm many. But I am trying to understand, and I do think that (some) media has exaggerated their claims about Trump. Yet, I do believe that all these arguments are just arguments- you only need to see the real life consequences of Trump’s actions. For instant, my current neighbour (I am living in Sweden for exchange) is born and raised in Sweden, but is an Iraqi, and isn’t allowed to go to US due to the travel ban. Such consequences- perhaps is sufficient to protest against Trump? I was slightly motivated by Xiaxue’s post. I saw her tweet reply to Shannon Woodward (a West World actress!!!) and got curious about it. I googled, after reading Xiaxue’s post mentioning about the muslim ban that Obama placed previously, but some articles are telling me that it isn’t true. Honestly, I think this is a real problem because I HONESTLY don’t know what is “real” or “fake”, or an “alternate fact” anymore. I try to be open minded, but then how do I know who to believe? Factcheck? To have the ability to tell what’s the truth or not is something I would truly wish for at times. Also, one of my courses in my exchange university had a guest speaker on. She sheltered lots of refugees, for more than 35 years, and I felt she genuinely helped people. I felt she had somehow the qualification to talk about whether the government should do more or less about refugees. When asked about Trump, she did not have a good impression of him, mocking his ‘Alternate Facts’. She acknowledges some people voted for Trump because they wanted a change- but it is scary how they do not know what type of change it will bring, and hopes America wakes up soon, and that it won’t affect the rest of the world as much.

Once again, I do not claim to know the facts, and this is just my (unresearched) opinion and experience.


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