a little change of mindsets

so… im back from the laundry! haha i swear it is quite addictive to just blog and ramble, especially when there is no pressure to do it properly. so its been close to 6 weeks since i’ve been on exchange! but i realise only half the time spent in uppsala [my university place] and even lesser studying [in fact i have not sat down and read stuff yet- i need to start making time for that HAHA]. and i do realise that i came to uppsala with quite a bit of expectations- probably because of what i’ve heard from people on exchange and travels- so naturally, on the day i arrived at my hostel, when i finally settled down [after the previous day adventures with isa and john on day 1] i felt this sudden sadness. when i reached my floor, lol its 4th floor, i dont know why i keep getting this level for many things- is it fated to be 4th floor 4eva HAHA (i lived on 4th floor in KR, my hostel back in Singapore, previously for 2.5 years) – and yeah it was so empty and quiet. and when i went in the room- wow it is damn big but i felt it was more than enough for me- i had to on some music to ward off the emptiness i felt that day. it was quite overwhelming and sad? i guess i expected like everyone to be unpacking just like me but nope there was only me that day so i thought it was gna be a lonely semester [i know i can always count on my friends, isa, john and sei who live just blocks away but i dont want to like burden them too] and yeah i was depressed for a few days. but then i realise that not everyone has moved in and LOL no wonder because i was in charge of cleaning the kitchen and deposing garbage when i dont even know where or how to. fast forward a few weeks, im glad that my corridor- while not the super happening type, has nice people on it and im looking forward to just conversing and having simple meals together 🙂 also, there are like a few types of disposals – paper, plastic, metal, cardboard – and well, it is sort of training me to be more eco-friendly because in the past i would just throw everything [except newspapers] into the bin and then its done. now, i am still kind of lazy but i try to sort the different materials into the different bins. and its nice. i was thinking, maybe sg could do smth like this- people like me r lazy and probably would not make an extra effort to walk out to recycle stuff but if the bins are right outside your door- you have no excuse and no reason to refuse recycling. but that takes time and manpower and also i guess its a mindset thing- maybe it isn’t the govt’s top priority to do so as of now, but i am confident it will happen in the future. anyway! rly quite thankful for the people i’ve met so far and i think in exchange, you experience not just the ups and wonders of a tourist but also the downs and mundanes of daily living. like how it can snow so bad you just stay in (which i actually dont mind hahah) or how your kitchen isn’t that good but you learn to live with it- yeah, you learn to adapt and you realise that crying doesnt help- i mean, it helps you relieve off emotions but in the long run it doesn’t so after crying, you get back on your foot. you’re on your own, you can’t ask your dad to pick you up, and there isn’t any ubereats or deliveroo or foodpanda around so you can’t order it- it’ll probably be too expensive anyway. you learn to cook different meals, you learn to cook bad ones and throw it away, and keep on trying until you feel a sense of achievement. you learn that there are others just like you and that keeps your heart warm- you learn to enjoy things as it is- appreciating nature, obsessing over those dogs people bring for walks and the freedom they get as compared to back in sg where the land isn’t so much- you learn to bike, you learn to fall, both from the bike and yourself, and you learn that you can always get up after that [tho my butt hurts still damn it]. and you learn to take the initiative, you… okay i’m sorry, my friend just sent an sos and i’ve got to go help her with her bike haha. i guess its next time again! 🙂



wow, just came back from helping my friend with her bike and guess what! met this bike uncle who was super condescending and kind of mean. i dont know if its just the way he speaks to people, but i felt like he was treating my friend (and I) like small kids that did not understand English. basically my friend was pumping her front tyre until it punctured, so she continued on pumping, and at the same time, to try and fix the tyre. i came to find her after a while, and after quite a long time he came out of the bike shop – i thought he was gonna help us lol. turns out, he was worried about us spoiling his bike pump – he told us we were at a wrong angle to pump the bike, and that it might spoil the bike pump and emphasised it costed 500 krones [about 80SGD]. told us to bring the bike into the shop- we kept telling him we know that there is a hole in the tyre and asked how to fix it and he said 170 kr, but he kept on telling us about the hole as if we didnt know about it- and continued on saying how he lived in sweden for 40 years, and that it is a small country, a rich country, and the people here think. he also thought we were from China – “maybe people in China do things differently” — i am assuming he is saying we are dumb for trying to pump air into a leaking tyre- i acknowledge that it is indeed quite fruitless, but the fact that he was so focused on his self-interest – his air pump, his profits of repairing the bike for us, and how he thinks we are so stupid… in the video, you can see he emphasises on some english words despite not having a great command of English himself. i know i am definitely not the best in english, but i felt that he was really quite rude and condescending to us. anyway, i am not writing this to shame him or anything- just ironic that right after i said people recognise Singapore is a place outside of China; this happens. hahaha. glad i stayed calm, because i could have shouted back at him and walked out of the door- but i believe there is no use in doing that- and actually, that is tiring and not worth my energy. [[ video link cuz i am using a basic wordpress plan and i cant upload videos omg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCzzMwVzzF0 ]



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