appreciation of planners

ever since exchange began and i’ve started planning my travels, i realise how hard it is to plan for a trip- be it with friends or yourself. it definitely requires some time and effort, and looking back, gotta appreciate those who have planned for trips in the past that i’ve gone on before. especially my dad, who has been planning great awesome yearly travels for the family since, well, even before i was born- more than 15 years. also for my vietnam, taiwan, bkk, japan and korea trips; gotta really thank my friends who planned it! it isn’t easy, and i do think that everyone should plan a trip once to know it isn’t easy and appreciate those who do take time to plan it- because i think those who complain about the details of a trip tend to be those who take the plans for granted.

also- planning for a solo trip vs. with people is kinda different too but i’ve started to learn to love planning even though it can be tiring at times. can’t wait for my next trip- Belgium! waffles, fries, chocolates and beer ❤ and travelling the past month just makes me want to travel and explore the world even more- and i can’t wait for my graduation trip (even though i dont know where or who am i going with LOL)!

geeez, i am so lazy to update my travels on this blog though. if only i could just upload everything via my brain. perhaps i’ll update it properly after my exchange because my schedule for march is already quite busy, and i expect the same for april and may.





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