this post isn’t really anything to do with exchange. just me blabbering about random stuff.

so i realised every time i am interested in something or someone i get obsessed with it and the first few days are the craziest. for example, i was crazy for pokemon go when it first launched in Singapore but less than a week later i was bored of it already. but when i’m obsessed with someone i can’t stop thinking about them the first few days and i realise whatever i do the next few days are crucial to how it’ll play out. if i stalk them on social media i become even more obsessed- but if i control my urges, i realise i could grow out of it rather easily. doing a little experiment and it is indeed working- but i dont know if i am able to grow out of it or if it is a temporal thing. am i even making sense? hahaha.

but anyway! today was supposed to be study day but i guess it failed. again. oh well. planning for my next trip and i realise i’m travelling more than my other friends at uppsala. gotta count my blessings, and hopefully i’ll be able to map back a level 4000 psych mod even! haha. but okay, just thankful that i don’t have to overload in y4 🙂


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