Many thoughts, low priorities 

As I’ve said again and again, my memory sucks so I wanna write down everything before I forget it- but there just isn’t time (or isn’t my priority at this moment because I feel that there’s no time for me to properly reflect). But here’s a little update. I went into exchange thinking that it’ll “change my life forever”; but I honestly don’t think I changed? Rather, I think I learnt a lot about myself- what I actually like or don’t like (types of attractions, different travelling buddies n personalities-which I will talk about in the future) and I actually think it’s quite fulfilling and satisfying (besides the fun and excitement of exploring a new place). 

Just got back from Geneva/Southern France, and before that Netherlands (I will talk about both trips in the future, I hope like by this year LOL). And it’s already the end of March! Only 2 months before my school term ends, and 3 before I fly back to Sunny Singapore 😦 at this point, I honestly don’t want to go back sg  yet hahaha (maybe like dw face NUS year4 honors year+the uncertainty of life in general). 

Also, I realise that while on exchange, life in Singapore continues without you (obviously). And it takes time and effort to connect with those back at home, and for me, I felt that for some people, we were drifting apart cuz we didn’t really talk for months, but for others, just texting each other once in a while made me feel grateful and appreciative of them. (I can actually dedicate a whole post to this matter, but let’s save it for next time). I hardly check social media (I use it everyday but I don’t update or look at people’s updates that often) and I feel like I can’t really catch up on people’s lives anymore. In fact, I can’t even update people that much anymore (even to my family who’s supposed to be my #1 priority) but I think it’s just me being super lazy and like overwhelmed with exchange experiences that I can’t express my thoughts and feelings into words properly (which I am trying to do in this blog HAHA). 

Another thing that’s been bothering me is that I feel I’ve become more narcissistic? I didn’t feel it until I entered university, but I think from y2 onwards it became worse; I don’t know if it’s the environment or just innate. (Another issue I might talk about next time HAHAHHA long list of things waiting for me to talk about) 

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble on but I need to pack for Helsinki-Estonia-Riga tomorrow (haven’t even plan itinerary yet) so, till next time!!!


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