just wanna say that I’m rly having a “feeling thankful n blissed” kind of happiness now- quite sudden, but it was more after reflecting from the trips I’ve been recently. lucky to have met nice people (and learnt lessons from mean ones), and also to experience many many stuff. Not all things in exchange goes smoothly, but I think that is what makes one grow? Never had I taken so much initiative before; I am like aggressively passive usually haha. 
Alright, now that I’m back in Sweden (although I’m going for a road trip in 2 days time..), I can finally reflect for a little bit. Jumping the queue a little, here’s just a few photos of my Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga trip (actually only from Helsinki for now)- was alone in Helsinki. 

my iphone doesn’t do this justice; sumolinna fortress

Nice people I’ve met at sumolinna and we explored it tgt (:
it’s supposed to be spring but snowed that day; kind of miss the snow though (what the heck is wrong with me)
Okay. I am excited to blog about it thoroughly, but for now these will do. 
Vis ses.


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