hmmm. today i thought about a lot of thoughts (thoughtception lol) and i actually am writing down some of my biggest insecurities including fear of rejection in another private post. it sounds so simple, really, and i’m sure everyone has their own set of insecurities to deal with. but to actually sit down and write it, and then come up with an action plan to overcome it is actually quite hard for me.

this link above has proven to be quite useful to me; actually never really did such an exercise before i think. not at least in the past few years. i think i have gained much more clarity in my life now, and one day i promise to actually post my list of insecurities and the process of overcoming them hehe. sounds quite lame la, but ya, not that i’m depressed about my life, just felt it to be something i think is important to do once in a while. nobody told me to do this, i just realised i am quite insecure about a lot of things and felt like i needed this. šŸ™‚

— will really properly blog about my exchange experiences once i come back from exchange! (cause i want to properly talk about it instead of like giving half-assed posts haha) —

until then… Ciao~! (thought it was a Spanish word, but was so wrong when I realised it came from Italy; everyone in Rome was using that haha)


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