The End?

My exchange has finally ended. I’ve touched down in my home ground, Singapore, a few days ago but all I ever did was sleep and eat. Perhaps, I was not ready to socialize nor do anything productive- I binge watched a hong kong drama with my mother; 15 episodes straight… from 11pm till 9am the next day. What is wrong with me? Haha.

But anyway, I’m slowly adapting back to the Singapore lifestyle. As I went to the nearest coffeeshop at my house (Hola) to get some chicken rice, I felt a little strange. I don’t know if it was the fact that I woke up at 6pm (my body clock is screwed for now), but everything felt so fuzzy and… fast-paced. So many people, so many things, happening so fast, my brain couldn’t really keep up. I was happy to have bought my chicken rice, despite the lack of tofu, and was eagerly walking towards the Gong Cha shop I knew 6 months ago, only to realise that it has been replaced by Li Ho (I knew about this, but I think Gong Cha was still etched in my mind). I felt a little pang of sadness, but then I was also curious to try Li Ho’s flavors. I bought its classic milk tea with pearls, 50% sugar level. It tasted okay. I guess that’s what I learnt from exchange- to be curious about everything, and yeah, I think i will still have post-exchange withdrawals, but I know I will be integrated into the lifestyle of a Singaporean in no time. While walking back, I came across the small stall-cart that was selling ice cream, with the bread wrapping it. Was kinda happy to see it, and immediately ordered the “红豆” (red bean) heh.

I’ll write down my exchange experiences in due time, as what this blog was created for.

As I’m approaching my final year in NUS, there are lots of uncertainties. For instance, I’m no longer staying in hall so in a way, I feel a little empty. I don’t really have a group of friends that I can hang with outside, and I have yet to do or secure an internship, never mind a job. There are so many things I still wanna do, but I always don’t know if I am ever capable enough to try- and more importantly, I am always super not confident. I think there are so many more capable people in every aspect than me, and like, I’m doomed to fail if I ever try. I think this was really evident when I was in hall because honestly there are so many talented people there! But still, I think, I need to be thankful for everything that life has given me, and for my last year, I’m giving myself a challenge- to do what I really want to do. Really really want to do. Even if that means trying for something you’re not so sure of- because I know i’ll regret it if i don’t.

This post is really, just a mini reflection and a reminder to myself- and I know it won’t be easy, but nothing good ever comes easy, y’know?

Oh yeah, I watched Hidden Figures and Arrival while on the plane back to Singapore. My first time taking an Emirates plane!!! Tbh, i think the service doesn’t match up to the amount I paid LOL because 1) water was spilled on me, albeit accidentally, by the air steward 2) service was super slow and 3) i probably compared with other airlines — I know that being air stewards and stewardesses ain’t easy, a customer can ask for orange juice, you go all the way back to get the orange juice, open it up, pour it, and walk back to the customer. the person beside the customer then asks for an apple juice, and then you have to go all the way back, open the apple juice, pour it, and walk ALLLLL the way back. and this is just 1 out of the many shitty scenarios they face. but, despite all that, just felt that it didn’t match up haha (but this is just my opinion)

But yea. Go watch Hidden Figures. It’s great.








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