Dr. Frost

So I’ve recently found an unexpected gem.


No, it isn’t a person. Sorry to disappoint.


However, it is one of the best things I’ve read in recent times.


*drum roll* Make way for this comic that I’ve binge-read (so used to saying binge-watch lol) — Dr. Frost!!!! I really recommend this to anyone who loves abnormal psychology, or wanna read an engaging comic in general — http://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/dr-frost/list?title_no=371 <– here is the link to the first chapter!!! Super easy to read as well, and I love how inspirational, witty and intellectual it can get. The fact that the author consults real, actual psychologists about it makes me happy. The author sounds really funny too hahaha. Sadly, I’ve read till the end (which is just Season 1 by the way). Now I’ve got one more thing to add to my bucket list, which is to meet the author of this comic (he’s a South Korean so maybe got chance right). Yeah, that’s how good it is HAHAHA.

And honestly, to be able to make something like this is something I can only ever dream of. I studied psychology, because I thought it sounded quite interesting. And maybe, the standard route would be to aim to be a clinical psychologist or be a researcher. But imagine using the knowledge gained to write a comic??? Which is why I’m always very impressed by psychological thrillers in general- be it in the form of a film, show, musical or in this case, a webtoon. Still don’t know what I wanna do after my final year, but at least I’m not regretting doing psychology as my major yet.



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