Gotland 27/5-29/5

Gotland was a nice weekend getaway!

Although it started off with Ming Sei’s phone gaining freedom and becoming one with the sea, I loved the good vibes from this Gotland trip. (Will update with more later… but I need to post something before I forget it completely)

We got on the cruise woohoo, and this wasn’t even our seats HAHA but whatever, the seats are comfy enough for us to try sitting here anyway.

The freaking wind is so strong!!! And colddddd. Even in May, i swear.



Beehive thingy


Our trusty old car! SGD 995; born in the year 1995 and from SG hahaha.


I think this bowl of soup costed $25 SGD or more. But ok la, it was not bad.


Random field of yellow flowers across Gotland
One of the many coasts of Gotland 🙂
One of the gems we found in Gotland! 
I’d like to think that this is an artistic shot and I have potential in photography.

Our way back home (to uppsala)!
Isabella Climber Chan.
Oh~ just checkin some flowers out
The beauty of Gotland… Kind of.





[edit; will update more in future]


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