List of URLS I’d like to share (before it’s gone)

Procrastination is my middle name. But! I’m finally clearing out the bookmarks I’ve saved over the years. Some I didn’t really get to read properly, some I really liked but know that it’s time to delete them;  but before I do so, here are some I’d like to jot down for future laughs or inspiration!

(Tried to categorise them for easier referencing)
(I never read this but ok looks cool)

Learning new stuff: (I actually never ventured past the start page but this looks useful) (Learnt Swedish here too, and a little bit of Spanish)

Travel stuff:
(One of the million URLS when I was preparing/on exchange)
(When I was planning for Japan/Korea trip in Year 2 Summer) (I didn’t go Iceland in the end sobs but will, one day!!) (my favourite link on exchange) (used this as a guide for some of my travels in Germany) (Work while you’re away!! Quite a cool concept, except that you have to pay to enter so I didn’t try it out yet) (Didn’t follow at all lol)

Riddle stuff:
(Lol, am quite a nerd, but hey if you read the following: “A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says ‘Thank you’ and walks out.” won’t you be intrigued and want to know the answer too?)

TV/Movie websites:

(Maybe I shouldn’t remove this, after all haze is quite the annual occurrence in recent years) (I’ll take a look at this again, didn’t really check it out)

So called life tips/inspirational/positive stuff:
(Used to read this when I was younger, like, back in secondary school)
(Some Facebook link I found)
(Lol the URL says it all: puns visual wordplay)


Religion-stuff: (Basics of buddhism, went to find out more about it when I was asked about it)


NUS-related: (To check your exam timetable!) (NUS LIB for all your research)

Psychology-related: (When I was still deciding if I should major in psych) (Learnt about her through some empathy video) (IBM SPSS Trial LOL)


Music stuff: (I love this YouTuber!!! Such an inspiration and I love most of his pieces) (Ramin plays Westworld theme song, lol have no idea why I bookmarked this)

Reading stuff: (One day, I will read ’em all) (Aesop fables, short stories which I found surprisingly interesting) (It falls under psychology too actually, cause this is a “comic” revolving around a psychologist called Dr. Frost, and his clients!! very interesting IMO)

All other random stuff: (When I needed to print t-shirts and stickers) (A Swedish song that I kind of liked)


Wow, feel like doing another series whereby this time, I share some of my favourite URLS directly, since some of the bookmarks here are quite outdated…


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