Coco (2017) Thoughts and Review

I just watched the movie ‘Coco’ and it was awesome!

It wasn’t the best animated movie I’ve seen, but it’s such an easy to watch show! Recently, I realise I like those adventure kind of shows, whereby you journey from point A to B, but it is only good because of the process, not the destination. I mean, the show ending can be predicted, but it didn’t matter in this case because I enjoyed the ‘how did they get there’ part of it.

Anyway, I loved the plot and the execution of the movie! The animation is on point man. And although the day of the dead was explored in another animated movie (The Book of Life), this doesn’t take away the magic of the movie. The idea that people enter their final death, after they are being forgotten is scary and cool. Just think about it – Hitler can never die, and those people who live in isolation from the world e.g. high up in the mountains or something – what happens, then?

In addition, I love that dementia is also shown in the movie – Coco, Miguel’s great-grandmother has it. Coco was also the movie title and it makes sense especially after watching the ending — despite appearing only for a fraction of the movie, she is the one that ties everybody together. I teared towards the end, when Miguel was singing ‘Remember Me’ to Coco – reminded me of my late grandma who also had dementia (Alzheimer’s). Also, kudos to the writers because music (which is a form of audio, echoic memory) is scientifically thought to be stronger than visual memory — and since there are many with dementia that can remember the past very vividly, this is surprisingly accurate and as a psychology major, I like this part hahaha. On a more emotional level, I like that Miguel still accepts his great-grandma, talking to her daily despite her dementia, and shows a very loving family side of him.

I also liked the witty humour, and one liners – such as Ernesto telling Miguel that he “hopes you will die soon” — so that he can join him in the afterlife since Miguel is such a good grandson and no.1 fan (before the big reveal that Ernesto is a big baddy), and Imelda’s “love of my life” line.

Watching this movie also made me want to learn Spanish even more. I was like proud of myself for understanding the super simple basics in the movie (e.g. hola/amigos/el nino/la nina/contigo etc) HAHA. I did try learning it on Duolingo, and reached level 9 hahaha but after going to exchange and learning Swedish, I just abandoned this project of mine. But I know if there’s any language I want to take up in the future, it’s Spanish. Maybe one day, I’ll try watching it in Spanish.

The music was good, but it wasn’t great. Maybe because I watched The Greatest Showman before this, so some unconscious comparing could’ve been done. The main song is ‘Remember Me’, but I liked the song Un poco loco (Miguel’s performance song cuz Remember Me was too cliche) and La Llorona (where the great grandma + Ernesto sang at the stage) too.

ps: Didn’t realise until I watched it a second time, that the small little cheeky bit where Dante (the dog) and the big cat protector are revealed to be a couple at the end, where the big cat turns out to be a little kitty!

Review: 4.5/5 – I’ll put it along the ranks of Inside Out, Zootopia and Frozen.

Signing off,

The Sloth Explorer




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