Who am I?
Part-time couch potato, cockroach hater. Year 4 Psych student in existential crisis.

INFP, wood pig(I didn’t know got such a thing one until I heard someone saying they’re a “fire dragon” so when I found out I’m a wood pig i’m just like -_-) But honestly, I’m just a human documenting down random stuffs.

I started this blog mainly to pen down my thoughts and experiences in exchange, but I somehow started to write about other things too. I am a sloth explorer- I explore things slowly and may take a long time to fully explore it. Yet, I believe in the saying: “Slowly but surely” 🙂

ps: I take super long to update my blog, and I am quite a noob at all this stuff but I also hope that this could give you some courage to explore new things- if a blur girl like me can do it, anyone can do it too haha.