Who am I?
Part-time couch potato, cockroach hater. Final Year Psychology student in existential crisis. I have many varied interests – psychology, composing music, making webtoons, travelling, attempting to make mobile applications- hopefully one day I’ll be able to explore them in a deeper level. I try to care about various social issues such as crime, mental health, environment (climate change),  and I aim to make the world a better place to live in everyday.

I’m an ISFP if you believe in that. But honestly, I’m just a human documenting down random stuffs.

Why did I start a blog?
I started this blog mainly to pen down my thoughts and experiences in exchange, but I somehow started to write about other things too.  I explore things slowly and may take a long time to fully explore it- hence ‘theslothexplorer’. I believe in the saying: “Slowly but surely”!

Most of my posts are just thoughts, but I hope it’ll be able to give a fresh perspective on various issues. I also hope to contribute to the field of psychology by giving module reviews/resources for psych-related stuff.

ps: I take super long to update my blog, and I am quite a noob at all this stuff but I also hope that this could give you some courage to explore new things- if a blur girl like me can do it, anyone can do it too haha. (Thanks for reading all the way, if you did! I feel like I’m talking mostly to myself in this blog hahaha)