Coco (2017) Thoughts and Review

I just watched the movie ‘Coco’ and it was awesome! It wasn’t the best animated movie I’ve seen, but it’s such an easy to watch show! Recently, I realise I like those adventure kind of shows, whereby you journey from point A to B, but it is only good because of the process, not the […]

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Manchester (25/1/17-28/1/17)

So i’m gonna write about my FIRST trip outside of Sweden!! Writing it because well when people ask me what I did I honestly could not remember other than ‘Oh we went to this place. Eat. Slack around. Eat. Come back’ when there are actually lots of other mini things that my brain just conveniently […]

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My thoughts about Trump

So erm it has been 3 weeks since I went for exchange, and it has been such an experience so far. Although, I admit that the winter depression is real. Haha. But I’ve learnt a lot as well, and made quite a few friends. Anyway, my post today isn’t about exchange but about Trump. Donald […]

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